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At Evan Ekstein Consulting we offer a range of services aimed at helping businesses improve their overall performance, solve complex problems, and achieve their strategic objectives.


Strategy Development

Assisting businesses in defining their vision, mission, and long-term strategic goals. Developing actionable plans to drive growth, increase profitability, and gain a competitive advantage.


Organizational Design

Analyzing and optimizing organizational structures, processes, and workflows to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and communication within the company.


Performance Measurement

Developing key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance measurement frameworks to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and drive accountability.


Market Research and Analysis

Conducting market research, competitor analysis, and customer insights to support businesses in making informed decisions and developing effective marketing strategies.


Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating potential risks and uncertainties that could impact business operations, reputation, and financial stability.


Leadership Development

Providing leadership training, executive coaching, and talent management strategies to develop effective leaders and build high-performing teams.

Evan Ekstein


With a lifelong passion for entrepreneurship and a rich background in business ventures, Evan has emerged as an invaluable consultant in the field. From his early beginnings, immersed in a family of entrepreneurs, to his diverse portfolio of successful business ventures, Evan's expertise spans across various industries and disciplines.

Business Education Expert

Evan's journey in entrepreneurship led him to pursue a comprehensive education at the University of Western Ontario, specializing in Business Management Organizational Studies. Through rigorous coursework encompassing finance, marketing, accounting, operations, economics, and human resources, Evan gained a deep understanding of the multifaceted aspects of business. This educational foundation has equipped him with the knowledge to guide aspiring entrepreneurs towards success.

Business Research and Investment Strategist

Evan's passion for real estate development led him to embark on a career path focused on business research and investments. Equipped with a master's degree in Real Estate Development, Evan honed his skills in consulting on profit optimization and expansion for real estate developers. His expertise includes identifying strategic land acquisitions, conducting due diligence, navigating zoning and planning regulations, financial projection, and feasibility assessments for both new and ongoing developments.

Business management and Operations Specialist

As a co-founder of a successful multi-family investment property company, Evan has demonstrated his proficiency in business management, operations, and finance. Taking charge of full-scale management and operations, Evan leveraged his expertise to advise the company on property acquisition strategies, while offering comprehensive consulting services in business expansion, financial management, accounting, and relationship management with key stakeholders, including banks, lawyers, property managers, and contractors. Evan's consulting experience has enabled him to empower clients to optimize their business operations and achieve substantial revenue growth.

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"Evan was beneficial to expanding our business operations. He had an essential role and added a lot of value to our company by consulting on business growth, management and research. His research skills gave us great insight to help make better decisions and for good business opportunities. HIs hard work and knowledge really helped our company excel and grow."

Francesco Bertola
FBH Group.

"Evan helped consult us to improve business operations and grow our business and manage the supply chain. Evan consulted on business operations and insight such as supply chain, currency trading, buying inventory at the right price and finding help and maximize our profits to expand our sales to different clients. His business management help really helped our company succeed lower costs and increase sales."

Ari Ekstein
Quality Seeds.

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